To The Future

Under the leadership of second term commander John Taylor, auxiliary president Brenda Juneau, and veterans club president Russell Totora the post keeps getting better and better.

Stable finances have enabled us to do more. We no longer have a hall to maintain. We no longer have to scramble to prepare a meal on meeting day. Trips to Sams Club are now unknown. We now have a fine catered meal washed down by fine German beer. A more pleasant place to meet. More people now come to the rneetings and post participation is up.

After Katrina, we could only afford to give out school awards. Commanded by John Taylor, post 350 did:

  1. Sponsor an American Legion baseball team
  2. Sent two boys to Boys State (would have sent a third had the school cooperated)
  3. Gave school awards to four schools (eight students)
  4. Sponsored civil air patrol training for cadets in a local high school AFROTC program
  5. Held a flag retirement ceremony (assisted by Boy Scout Troop 269 & AFROTC saber team)
  6. Held a post everlasting ceremony (gave out $200.00 checks to family members of post member of good standing who had died since hurricane Katrina-suspended because of poor finances)
  7.  Attended Memorial Day services in Restlawn Park Cemetery in Avondale
  8. Attended Veterans Day services in Kenner
  9. Attended members funeral and gave family a bible and those who died after the post everlasting will now receive their $200.00 check and conducted the American Legion funeral cerernony upon request
  10. Gave flag to a local church
  11. Replaced a flag that was lost in Hurricane Katrina to the wife of a deceased veteran
  12. Visited Saint Anthony’s nursing home and gave out veteran appreciation certificates to aged veterans
  13. Visited the Southeast Veterans War home in Reserve Louisiana and gave out bags of personel items to each veteran
  14. Visited post members and auxiliary members in hospitals
  15. Organized and assisted in building a handicapped ramp at a auxiliary members home

Perhaps one day post 350 will reorganize its rifle salute honor guard now that the Springfields are being professionally restored by post member Keith Windmann.

One of the last challenges that Thomas J. Hanly American Legion Post 350 now faces is recruiting new members. As our members are called to post everlasting and the American Legion shrinks as a whole. Post 350 needs new members to continue the legacy of the veterans who preceded them. Future responsible officers to lead American Legion Post 350 into the future.