American Legion Post 350 History

The following information was obtained from the publication History of Thomas Hanly Jr. American Legion Post 350 1950-2012. The PDF version of the document can be downloaded here.

Due to the process of converting this document to web format, there could be some errors in punctuation and spelling. We apologize for any errors and will do our best to correct them.

Introductory Notes

It is critical that the history of Thomas J Hanly Jr., American Legion Post 350 be recorded now. The last few surviving members of World War ll who founded the post will soon be called to post everlasting. It is equally important that they be remembered for their efforts in creating such a fine American Legion post.

ln 2005, Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters destroyed much the legion hall and nearly all of our paper records, therefore I must rely on the oral histories of our aged members. Their memories are often scant and selective. Compiling a history from them was not an easy task.

I have used the few remaining records that have survived the storm along with the testimonies of our esteemed members. I also had to use the internet, city directories, and other information found in the East Bank Public Library to record this history.

The primary members that I interviewed for this history were:

Chester Poche (charter member) 61 years in the post (now deceased)
Oneil Williams (charter Member) 62 years in the post
Lincoln Brennan 61 years in the post
John (Jay) Werner 60 years in the post
Lawrence (Larry) Guillot 45 years in the post
Eddie Davis 40 years in the Post
Rene Juneau 12 Years in the Post
Brenda Juneau, past president of the Ladies Auxiliary
Victoria Williams, charter member and past president of the Ladies Auxiliary

I apologize to anyone who feels that they were left out of this history. ln most cases I had to rely on the memories of others. Thank you for the countless hours that you donated to Post 350 over the years. It was not my intention to overlook anyone.