Appendix I: Charter Members

Thomas J. Hanly Jr. American Legion Post 350 was established on October 9, 1951 when The American Legion Department of Louisiana approved its application for charter. There were 105 charter members, only 33 of whom are mentioned by name. They are:

Edward Hanly (commander)
Chester Poche (vice commander)
Phillip Thompson (adjutant)
Oliver Aucoin (finance officer)
George Maison Sr. (chaplain)
Angelo Bua (Sergeant at arms)
Raymond Durr (historian)
William Williams (service officer)
Phillip Erman (publicity officer)

George Thompson
Oneil Williams
Ray Ramirez
James Noveh
Hugh Lassabe
Durel Grosch
A.J. Mason
Rufus Palmer
Albert Husser
James Strohmeyer
Lee Betz
Richard Labiche
Richard Massie
Hubert Aucoin
Ernest Walters
Arthur Hanly
George Newton
James Davis
D.M. Rudesill
Sam Barbara
Alex Dominach
Joseph Novella
Leon Basier
James Robertson


Appendix II: Who is Thomas J. Hanly Jr.

Thomas J. Hanly Jr. was the brother of Edward Hanley who was the second post commander and the commander when post 350 received its charter. He was a member of the United States Army Air Corps during World War ll. He was a resident of Otd Metairie and the area that was unofficially known as “Hogs Alley.”

Post 350 is in possession of a series of letters that tells of Thomas’s war record. The post also has his medals.

The first letter dated October 20,1943 was written to his mother. lt tells of how sergeant Thomas J. Hanly Jr. was awarded the air medal while serving with the 5th Air Force in the South-West Pacific area.

“In an aerial flight over Babo, New Guinea. His heavy bomber flew through severe weather to reach its target and dropped its bombs as directed, while making the bombing run, the aircraft was intercepted by enemy fighter planes and in the ensuing engagement two of the eriemy pianes were destroyed and one damaged. On the return flight, the bomber was attacked by another enemy aircraft and the bomber was badly damaged. Despite the damage and extremely bad weather, the bomber returned safely to its home.”

Thomas was later transferred to Europe to serve with the 9th Air Force.
The second letter dated March 31, 1945 also written to his mother states,

“Technical Sergeant Thomas J. Hanly Jr. was awarded on general orders dated:
September 30, 1943 – The Air Medal
December 13, 1943 – The Distinguished Flying Cross
March 8, 1944 – The Distinguished Service Cross”

The third was a condolence certificate sent to his mother. It was signed by then president Franklin D. Roosevelt stating:

“Technical Sergeant Thomas J. Hanly Jr. died in the European area on January 18, 1945.”

Appendix III: Past Commanders

1950-1951 Durel Grosch
1951-1952 Edward Hanly
1952-1953 Chester Poche
1953-1954 Oliver Aucoin
1954-1955 Phillip Thompson
1955-1956 W. J. Williams Jr.
1956-1957 Melvin Jeanne
1957-1958 ousted dishonesty
1958-1959 John Stafford
1959-1960 W. J. Williams Sr.
1960-1961 G. W. Rablais
1961-1962 John E. Seeger
1962-1963 Charles H. Gravois
1963-1964 Ernest L. Walters
1964-1965 Melvin Jeanne
1965-1966 Thomas J. Wallace
1966-1967 Dewitt Trigg
1967-1968 James A. Perrin
1968-1969 Walter B. Schesser
1969-1970 Anthony D’Amico
1970-1971 Hiram Kruse Jr.
1971-1972 Joseph D. Kennedy
1972-1973 Alphonse J. Falgout
1973-1974 Walter B. Schesser
1974-1975 Joseph D. Kennedy
1975-1976 John E, Seeger
1975-1976 John E. Seeger
1977-1978 Mike Gotogoro
1978-1979 Ed Ezell
1979-1980 Ed Ezell
1980-1981 John P. Feliu
1981-1982 John P Feliu
1982-1983 Charles Pfalzgraf
1983-1984 Curtis Gaudet
1984-1985 Ernest L. Walters
1985-1986 Reynold Giroir
1986-1987 Thomas Landry
1987-1988 Dominick Ragusa
1988-1989 Lawrence Fritz
1989-1990 Thomas Landry
1990-1991 Lawrence Fritz
1991-1992 Lawrence Fritz
1992-1993 Filmoe Dittmer
1993-1994 Walter Schesser
1994-1995 Walter Schesser
1995-1996 Charles Manson
1996-1997 Charles Manson
1997 -1998 Charles Manson
1998-1999 Charles Manson
1999-2000 Charles Manson
2000-2001 John C. Werner
2001-2002 John C. Werner
2002-2003 Donald Case
2oo3-2004 Donald Case
2004-2005 Donald Case
2005-2006 Wilfred Lacaze
2006-2007 Charles Walters/Rickey Ashley
2007-2008 Harold Holmes
2008-2009 Jason Rigsby
2009-2010 Rickey Ashley
2010-2011 Michael Haskins
2011-2012 John Taylor