Outstanding Members

When I was conducting my interviews, I always asked the person being interviewed “Who do you remember, what post member so you believe was a outstanding post member?” The time period was 1950- 2005. Here are their answers…….

Chester Poche – a charter member and long time resident of Hogs Alley. Chester was commander in 1952-1953. He was always active in the post working many events. Chester was very active when the hall was being constructed. When speaking to his wife Bea, she said “When they were building the hall, I hardly ever saw Chester.” Chester put his heart and soul into the post.

Joseph (Joe) Kennedy – He was Mr. Do-All at post 350. He was commander twice. 1971-1972 and 1974- 1975. He was post adjutant and veterans club president for over 20 years. He was at the post practically every day. He managed and worked many rentals. He worked bingos. He was in contact with the schools to organize the events. He was usually the front man who conducted legion business. I was told by Rene Juneau, that people used to tell Joe, “Joe when you die, we might have to shut the post down because nobody knows anything.” Joe was the only one who knew how to order a new member an American Legion cap.

Duggin (Mac) McCrary – Mac was Mr. Baseball at post 350. He was longtime post chairman of American Legion baseball. He was always at the games cheering the team on. He was big on flag etiquette. He worked bingos. He often came to post meetings in his unofficial uniform – his baseball uniform.

Lincoln Brennan – A long time member of the post and long time resident of Hogs Alley, Lincoln was a post adjutant in the early years. He has always been a loyal member of the post and he is nearly always accompanied by his wife Virgie. Lincoln is best known as “being on top of the roof.” A roofer by profession, he has maintained the hall’s roof for many years. A year ago, Lincoln did roof repairs, eventhough he is in his late 80’s. Recently the roof was inspected, and the inspector said “it’s an old roof, but it’s in good shape,” thanks to Lincoln.

John (Jay) Werner – A long time member and past commander. 2000-2001 and 2001-2002. Jay has been active in the post even today, He has held every office in the post (some several times), except finance officer. He worked the bingos and participated in many American Legion events.

Eddie Davis – long term member and active to this day. Always accompanied by his wife Myra. Long time post historian and has kept excellent photographic history of the post. He is the unofficial post’s publicity officer.

Hugh (Eddie) Lassabe Jr. – loyal member to the end. He and his wife Delma were active with the dances.

Francis Hebert – Iong-time finance officer.

Past Comrnanders– Charles (Gene) Manson, Walter Schesser, Melvin Jeanne, John Seeger, Charles Gravois, Ernest Walters Tony D’Amico.

Honorable Mention

William (Bill) Williams Sr.- Commander 1959-1960, charter member and organizer of post 350.
Oneil Williams – charter member and organizer of post 350.

Loyal Members

Charles (Jake) Walters and his wife Rosemary. Commander 20O6-2007
Floyd Guillot and his wife Celeste
Tom Wallace
John (Jack) Donohoe and his wife Dolores
Caroll Bellau and his wife Juliette
Bert Esler